Empanadas made from scratch


We love a good party (and so do empanadas.) Whether you're having a beach wedding or hosting a corporate lunch, we can help add a delicious touch.

Our minimum* catering order is five dozen empanadas and serves a gathering of 20 - 30 people (or 10 - 15 really hungry ones.)  Ask us about our mini empanadas, they're a great addition to a larger spread. *This minimum includes any two empanada flavors. Each additional flavor can be made in batches of two dozen or more.

We appreciate a minimum of one week's notice for each order. Please get in touch for menu planning and pricing. A cancellation fee may apply.

We'd love to accommodate orders smaller than the minimums noted above and with more immediacy than one week, but we currently operate out of a share space that requires extra planning and juggling. Thanks for your understanding and sticking with us as we grow—we really appreciate it.